Friday, July 31, 2009

My first ever treasury - the things people do with buttons

I've made a treasury! It's almost as exciting as my first sale! But this time lots of etsy friends shared the joy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Will you Pay It Forward?

Jess (epherielldesigns) sent me a great little handmade gift, and I'm going to pay it forward to some of my special friends. If you'd like to join in, leave me a comment! This is how it works:
I’m sure many of you have participated in craft swaps over the years, but I want to take the concept of sharing what we love that one step further.

And so – Handmade Pay It Forward. The idea is simple. You recieve a handmade gift from a fellow craftsperson. You Pay It Forward by sending some of the things you have made and loved to others.

In order to participate in this, there are a few requirements:

1. I will choose an undisclosed number of people who comment on this post to send a gift to. This gift I have made with my own hands, and with love.

2. If you choose to comment, and/or you receive a gift from me, you commit yourself to Paying It Forward.

3. You must then make a post on your blog, making the same offer to your readers.

4. On your blog post, you must include this list of requirements (basically, all the text between the asterisks). You choose how many people you Pay It Forward to – though it would be nice if it was more than one. However, I realize that some of you make high-end or expensive wares, and I don’t want to exclude you from participating by setting a minimum number above one.

5. In each of your packages, as well as your gift, please include a minimum of 5 business cards (if you have them). Also include the business cards that you received in your gift – this allows every recipient to visit the people who’s generosity brought Handmade Pay It Forward to them.

6. Finally, in your PIF blog post, include the history of your gift – i.e. the name and blog of all the people before you in the journey.

Handmade Pay It Forward 2009 – Those that gave before me: Jess from EpheriellDesigns, Liz from hundredsofbuttons,

7. Please only participate once. Obviously, if you haven’t received a gift within a few weeks of leaving a comment on a PIF post, you can probably assume you missed out that time, and try again if you see it elsewhere :) This keeps the PIF goodness spreading to new people! I think I will start a new one once a year… but we’ll see how this evolves!

Please use this button on your blog to share that you have participated!


That’s it :) I really hope this takes off and allows us to share the joy of our creations with each other!!

Jess, Liz, xo

I made the front page!

I noticed that my creamy yellow button flowers had hundreds of viewings last week, and this was why.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The etsy DUST Christmas in July sale is on!

I'm offering 20% off the listed prices in my etsy shop. Maybe some of these button bouquets will be 'picked' over the weekend!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

safety pins and buttons mkII

These two hit my etsy shop this week. They were quite time consuming to make, and I'm pleased with the final product. One is on elastic and one is on wire with a self loop fastening.
Which one do you like best?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Art smocks from my sister's shop

Finally my sister Jan has an online shop! She makes great art smocks and sells them for a low INTRODUCTORY SALE price.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Memories of BrisStyle indie market

What a great market! It was at Hamilton, Brisbane. Those BrisStyle etsy girls did a fantastic job!
I bought some lovely items, including some gorgeous little red baby shoes, a dinosaur babyboy singlet, and some earrings from Jess.
I'm determined to order myself some moo cards.

I thought I'd be mugged! I bought the last copy of Peppermint magazine issue 2 from Kelly at the market. Now I'll have a full set, because I've subscribed.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The things etsians can do with buttons!

I enjoy seeing buttons upcycled into beautiful handmade items like these, by PoorRobin, DELiciousDesignz and Moonmum

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I gifted it!

My sister saw this bracelet before I even got to her door! It was destined to be gifted. I liked it so much that I'm planning to add them to my online shops.