Sunday, October 31, 2010

Choker, princess or matinee?

 A cake from the church fete,

an afternoon with navy blue buttons,

 and I'm done!

One collar length, one choker length, one princess length, one matinee length and a bracelet!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Put salt on its tail

The way to catch a wild bird is to put salt on its tail. That's what my dad told me, anyway. So I put salt on the tail of this one...

and look what happened....
The moral of this story is, leave wild birds alone!

Thanks to Samara for featuring me as this week's Dusty Diva

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paper bird

Who saw the article in Melbourne's Herald Sun last Saturday, featuring Carol's paper birds? Well, lo and behold, there she was at Healesville market on Sunday. We had a good chat (surprise, surprise!) about etsy and MEST and DUST, and I bought a kit. Carol even gave me a 'fellow crafter' discount!   My kit has Japanese paper, but what a nice way to make an invitation, a thank you, a music teacher's gift, or even a house warming memento made with the appropriate page from the Melways.

Carol and her husband said they are so busy they need more time to stock up their etsy shop, Itchy Bird.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Melbourne MESTup!!!

There were so many exclamation marks used yesterday at the Melbourne Etsy Street Team meetup, some spilled over into my blog title!!!
 Kate from BigDreamsEmbroidery
 Andria, from shagpile

 Leeanne, from thecabbagepatch                                                                        Sylvana from bsylvar
Oh yes, and couple of us were actual football tragics;
 Kass from made'n'found  (Kass established MEST) and Jan from jskipcreations
       Kate's embroidery makes a great banner.... Turn around, Jo!
There's Jo from ruby-jo finally looking at the camera!
See more pics here.