Sunday, October 3, 2010

Melbourne MESTup!!!

There were so many exclamation marks used yesterday at the Melbourne Etsy Street Team meetup, some spilled over into my blog title!!!
 Kate from BigDreamsEmbroidery
 Andria, from shagpile

 Leeanne, from thecabbagepatch                                                                        Sylvana from bsylvar
Oh yes, and couple of us were actual football tragics;
 Kass from made'n'found  (Kass established MEST) and Jan from jskipcreations
       Kate's embroidery makes a great banner.... Turn around, Jo!
There's Jo from ruby-jo finally looking at the camera!
See more pics here.


  1. can certainly tell that you're sisters!

  2. looks like fun!
    Nice to see you all, especially Andria as I love the neckwarmer I bought from her.

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  4. So nice to "see" everyone! Wishing I could have been time...

  5. looks like a great turn out and lots of fun I'm sure