Monday, June 1, 2009

What a nice morning!

I've had a lovely morning! First; slept in. Second; it was raining. Then; I won the DUST stuff n nonsense thread monthly prize. Next; a surprise gift arrived in the mail from Stacey of etsy sunweeds. And; it's my turn in the DUST aussie handmade giveaway. Then; after lunch the Australia Post van brought (turn away now, Anne & Scott!) Ryan's gift from wiccked.
Now it's taking me all day to decide which prize to choose... watch this space!
(Oh yes, there's another sneak preview of my aussie handmade giveaway pictured above.)


  1. thanks Liz, Hope you like it,I made 1 for my daughters teacher too she put a safety pin on hers and wore it all day.

  2. You have had a fun day! Now you're in a treasury west! :)